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Shipping Insurance

Have peace of mind by paying a little extra to protect your goods - please see below for specific transit cover

Extended Warranty definition

The courier agrees to deliver the goods to the location identified on the shipping label in the same condition that the goods were delivered to them.

It covers freight from the time of pick-up/drop off to the time of delivery. If the goods are not so delivered, the courier will pay the value of the goods, or if the goods are damaged the reasonable cost of repair of the goods.  The liability to you is limited to the amount of the Extended Warranty purchased during the checkout up to the maximum amount.

Insurance Exclusions:

Insurance is only for physical loss or damage. There is no liability for any form of consequential loss.

If 'Authority to Leave' has been given, then there is no cover for loss nor damage

If any labels are used other than the shipping labels containing the connote numbers as provided by Parcel2Courier.co.nz as part of the checkout process, then Insurance will not apply (even if purchased).

Extended Warranty does not include failure to deliver the goods, or damage to the goods caused by mechanical derangement or latent defect.

The packaging of goods is the sender's responsibility. Care must be taken as incorrect packaging may void any claim in the event that the goods are damaged.

Extended Warranty will not be valid if any items appear on the Prohibited or Restricted items list.

How do I claim?

The first step is to tell us about the matter immediately - no claims will be permitted after 7 days from the date of delivery.

IMPORTANT: For damaged goods, you must make a note on your delivery documentation at the time of delivery then contact 03 8679 4533 for further assistance.

  • This means you MUST ONLY SIGN with the driver that the goods were 'delivered damaged', and you MUST NOT SIGN 'received in good condition'.
  • If you do not have time to check, you must sign the docket 'subject to checking'.

If you would like to make a claim, we will send you a claim form to return to us along with any relevant supporting documents as required by us and our insurers to make a decision.

The claim form must be returned to Parcel2Courier within 10 days from date of receipt, by either faxing it to us at +61 (0)3 8652 1236 or via to email claims@Parcel2Courier.co.nz

Supporting documents may include photographs, independent quotes, invoices to support your valuation of the goods, repairers' invoices etc.

Depending on the value of the consignment and circumstances, couriers may require an assessment by its own investigators prior to the acceptance of any claim, so you must ensure that damaged freight or packaging is not disposed of or repaired until advised.

In most cases, however, approved claims will be paid within 28 days of the claim form being lodged.  Please note that any claim will be subject to a $50 excess.

Insurance Documentation:

Please click on the links below to review the insurance.  Please seek professional advice or alternative insurance cover if you feel the insurance cover as provided by Parcel2Courier might not suit your requirements or needs.

Insurance Options

Domestic Shipments PDS

International Shipments PDS