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Are there any Additional Fees?

Are there any Additional Fees?

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There are various times when couriers will apply additional charges, here are some of the most common instances whereby additional charges are applied to the original price charged (but the list is not exhaustive).  For a detailed summary of potential charges please see the 'Service Information' located next to each courier on the 'Quote' page.


Admin Fee: $10 fee for making amendments to orders once processed (only applied if it’s possible to make the required amendment)


Non Attendance at Delivery Address: $27.50 fee is applied by TNT if no one is in attendance at the Delivery address (for each delivery attempt)


Missed TNT Collection Bookings / Driver Waiting Fees (parcel not ready): These will be applied by TNT in such instances.  As such, these costs will vary and will be re-charged on a case by case basis once notified to us by the carrier.


Providing incorrect weight / dimensions:  All carriers will use electronic equipment to both weigh and measure each parcel being sent to determine its chargeable weight.  If this is different to the information entered and the declaration made on the checkout process, then we will re-invoice these charges on to you along with a $10 admin fee.


Residential Address: Some couriers apply a charge for ‘residential’ addresses.  If this charge is applied by the carrier and the address type has not correctly declared then this additional charge will be invoiced after collection /delivery.


Return to Sender: There might be a fee associated with returning the parcel to sender.  This would be the same cost as the original shipment cost for the order.  In the case whereby the sender does not require the consignment to be returned the consignment can be destroyed by the carrier, and any associated charges would become payable by the sender.


Parcel Disposal if unclaimed, damaged or leaking: If a parcel needs to be destroyed, then any associated costs would be the responsibility of the sender.  This would also include costs associated with the cleaning of spills if the parcel is deemed to be leaking.